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Why Book Veronica to Speak? You want more than just motivation, you want results! Quality content and take away resources are essential to empower success. With extensive experience Veronica is highly credentialed to equip you to activate results in goal achievement, team building and personal development. Be it mental wellness or business development content, Conflict Resolution impacts everyone and the audience will know how to overcome challenges and implement change. She understands challenges, losses and what it take to realize full personal potential. With unmistakable conviction, passion and insightful perspective she delivers practical content that facilitates break through! Business owners benefit from first experience of what it takes to build thriving organizations and the risks of not having effective training in systems, policy, procedure and operations to support teams to achieve success. Clients draws form a powerful arsenal of content and candid lessons shared from hindsight so that others can avoid the same mistakes. “Failure is not a destination. Failure is an invitation to unforeseen victories. Failure being an event it is not a person and it will not define me.” Like many, she too has struggled with and overcome dynamic and inner conflict caused by depression a dysfunctional environments. She knows how conflicts compounded by external or dynamic interactions diminish self-esteem, confidence, sense of security and contribute to stress and compromised productivity. This manifests in business profit and loss statements. Individuals are championed by her advocacy to enhance company cultures to foster winning relationships. Authenticity and evidence resonate with audiences; Veronica delivers what you need. Speaking Topics: ➤ Prevent Conflict Before It Starts: Format: Keynote 30 – 45 min (Easily adapted time) 1 hour break out This presentation has effectively impacted diverse audiences at both the personal and professional level. This content and draws heavily from the message in her book Conflict Resolution Solutions, 50 Tips to Prevent And Resolve Conflict. She uses an presentation element that connects across various learning styles and is the reason the message of personal development and education if retained long after the event. This “wow” factor captivates and connects that resonates with and audience visualizing the value and benefit of implementation and the potential cost of failure to implement the principles learned. Perseverance and potential are qualities each member of an audience possesses learning how to navigate conflict rather than engage and let it escalate is loss prevention and profit sustaining. NEVER underestimate the “wow” factor. This program is perfect for: ◆ Team dynamic training ◆ Conflict resolution ◆ Management ◆ Leadership The audience will leave with: ◆ A working knowledge of how to prevent conflict before it starts ◆ Skills to communicate and effect understanding. ◆ Understanding of what holds others back. ◆ Solutions to the problem of how to overcome obstacles. ◆ Plan to empower individual and group potential. ➤ 411 of Development, 4 Phases 1 Desire and 1 Choice: “Life is a series of choices with a ripple effect. Make good choices and although a choice cannot be changed once it is made, you can manage your outcome and how you grow from each experience.” Change is inevitable. How one navigates through change can impact more than morale. A companies assets are at stake during transitional periods. The content used is applicable at work and in all areas of life. Equipping you team protects attrition and increases top performance as change comes to pass. Format: Keynote 45 – 60 minutes This program is perfect for: ◆ Senior management ◆ Leadership ◆ Human Resources ◆ Personal Development ◆ Career Transition The audience will leave with: ◆ Skills to perform well in transition ◆ Working knowledge of how to overcome inner conflict ◆ A blueprint for peak performance during transitions ➤ Power of Teamwork “Be the person of influence that effects positive development.” Developing a strong a team has its challenges as does expecting unique individuals to communicate and work productively. This team building seminar cuts to the core of company and team member’s needs t break down barriers and get to work productively. The core curriculum is proven effective in corporations, departmental and small business development. Certified trainer will present Zig Ziglar’s greatest program on Building Winning Relationships and combined with Building etc Best you in the full day seminar to empower or reignite your team. Everyone needs direction, hope and encouragement. This program delivers both. This program is perfect for: ◆ Human Resources ◆ Teams and Department Dynamics ◆ Management ◆ Leadership ◆ Teachers ◆ Youth Leaders The audience will leave with: ◆ Refreshed mindset and tools to ignite potential and effect growth. ◆ Practical tools and techniques to build people and empower teams to grow cohesively and more unified to generate greater levels of productivity. ◆ Workbook for building winning teams ◆ Little Book of Big Quotes by Zig Ziglar ◆ Copy of conflict Resolutions Solutions


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4 Reviews
Marcheta Gardner
Frisco, TX
Motivational Speaker - Fall Conference

Veronica gave an insightful speech and presentation around diversity and inclusiveness. Much of what she shared had us thoroughly engaged and on the edge of our seats for more. Her comments were thought provoking and provocative! We, as a society, have been lulled into same old thinking and miss the bright opportunities in front of us everyday, to get to know someone "different." Hats off to Veronica for sharing her perspective and "waking up" society to be do better!

January 2017

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Chris Ghanbari
Dallas, TX

Veronica Sites is rare. She is wonderful. My experience with her was excellent!

January 2017

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April Smith
Arlington, Texas

Veronica is such an outstanding speaker. She's inspiring and engaging. I've had the pleasure to hear Veronica speak on several occasions. Every time she concludes, she leaves her audience wanting to hear more! You're phenomenal, Veronica. Thank you for making a difference.

January 2017

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