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Why Tom Crea? Tom has a B.S. & M.C.S. in Computer Science and a M.A. in Political Science. He became a decorated Army officer and Blackhawk helicopter pilot and operated at the highest levels within the Department of Defense. He was hand selected to run the ROTC officers leadership development program at two colleges, the same program that he completed years earlier. “… we transformed college students into Army leaders, ready to lead soldiers successfully into war” – Tom Crea Tom is a strong and engaging speaker with vast experience and insight in working with all levels of military, civilian, and contract staff. Over the years, Tom has directed his skills to the private sector turning diverse, often conflicted staff into focused, mission oriented team members. His frontline and “in the trenches” experience in the military, information technology, and higher education enable him to keep audiences on the edge of their seats while they master the simple principles of the Blackhawk leadership way. Tom is the author of “Unleash Your Values: How to Lead and Succeed in Business Today… A Helicopter Pilot’s Spin on Developing the Leader in You” Leadership Culture: His proudest leadership moment came when his Troop was called to war in Iraq after he had rotated out. His replacement was not able to perform, so members in his Troop stepped up to lead; they attribute their success to the leadership Tom instilled in each of them. Today, the Blackhawk training system. KEYNOTES: Presentation #1 – Servant Leadership “40% of first-time managers fail within the first 18 months” What’s the difference between being a manager, and being a leader? Where can you learn leadership? National polls consistently reflect that our society rates its military officers at the top of our nation’s most trusted leaders. Why do so many famous authors use military examples to address leadership? Fundamentals. Values are like magnets. They are what a company markets to attract like-minded people… recruiting. When you live your values, you create a unique culture and retain your best and brightest… retention. Are YOU that bright light, a beacon, inspiring and guiding your team? Leaders will: 1. Recognize that people choose friends and join organizations for a reason 2. Discover why living your values inspires others to do the same 3. Realize that self-awareness is fundamental to good leadership ——————————————— Presentation #2 Creating a Culture for Winning Teams “People are our most important resource, cliché?” A metaphor for achieving organizational goals within budget, every leader wants to arrive “On Time, On Target.” With so many variables that can derail an effort, managers who learn to empower, delegate, and develop individuals will accomplish more. When you establish a learning environment and create a culture that inspires members to work together and achieve, you transform yourself into a trusted leader. On several eventful flights, we will traverse critical checkpoints on your journey and discuss fundamental aspects of leadership, teamwork, and communication critical for your success. Leaders will: 1. Understand the difference between authority & responsibility (Leadership) 2. Recognize the importance of building relationships (Teamwork) 3. Learn that everyone has a different vantage point or perspective (Communication) ——————————————— Presentation #3 -- Relate & Communicate: Realizing Critical Communication Skills Excellent interpersonal communication skills are the most powerful skills you can possess. -- What if you knew how others preferred to communicate and you could connect with anyone? When you recognize that people prefer to communicate differently, you can learn to identify their style and begin connecting like never before. During this session we explore the four communication styles. You’ll use my tip sheets and learn to read 19 different signals that indicate the styles of others. With this understanding, you’ll answer two basic questions and learn to identify communication styles. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at identifying, relating, and communicating more effectively. Leaders will: 1. Recognize each of four communication styles 2. Determine your communication style 3. Compare and contrast communication styles ——————————————— TEAM BUILDING KEYNOTES: The Blackhawk program will transform a group of individuals into a power team. Today, employment is changing and employee motivation is more important than ever. If your team struggles with inner conflict, lack of clear vision, or constantly changing policies and goals, then they need the to follow Blackhawk way. At its core, the Blackhawk way is inspired by the military but fits today’s modern workplace. We do this by instilling servant leadership principles while at the same time igniting within team members the drive to work hard for a common goal. It’s obvious to see the difference between a team that is focused and one that is divided. The only way to bring about real change is to transform a business culture. At the end of this training, your team will be following one vision to achieve its goals. In short, your team needs strong values, able leadership, and a clear mission, and that’s the Blackhawk way. _____________________ COACHING: Leadership Development Coaching My goal is with leadership development coaching is to help aspiring managers become impactful leaders; intent on developing others, building teams, and creating a thriving, self-perpetuating culture. Why I coach… Because I learned to delegate, it freed me to focus my attention where it was needed most. The more I delegated, the easier it became. I’d like to help you achieve the same. I have been helping emerging leaders and leadership teams for decades, to include running the Army’s on-campus Leadership Development Program (ROTC) at two Boston schools, Northeastern University and Boston College, where we transformed college students into Army leaders.


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3 Reviews
Kelly P. President, Marketing & Sales Firm
...thus increasing sales by 50%.

These assessments have been eye opening for our leadership team. By reviewing the challenges and gifts of each team member, we have been able to re-design job descriptions to meet the strengths of the team, thus increasing sales by 50%.

January 2018

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Lisa A. Financial Services Manager, Personal Insurance
All members of my team have benefited from my training...

Tom’s services were instrumental in helping me get my management career jump started. The team approach that I use as a result of my coaching experience has helped me develop exactly the environment I had hoped to achieve. All members of my team have benefited from my training, and as a result, they work together to promote each others’ successes, as well as their own.

January 2018

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Tony V. CEO, Transportation Management Company
His presentation was extremely effective.

Tom was asked to deliver a morning session that would inspire my staff toward greater cooperation and teamwork. His presentation was extremely effective. Simply put, by lunch there was a buzz in the office that I had not seen in years.

January 2018

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