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Michelle Tillis Lederman is a bestselling author, likability and communication expert, keynote speaker and executive Coach. Real Relationships. Real Results! Connection Instigator, Michelle Tillis Lederman is also a bestselling author, media expert, keynote speaker, executive trainer, professional coach, and founder of Executive Essentials. Connection is the foundation of all of her work. She attributes her success and her ability to get things done to the people around her, and believes that real relationships lead to real results. Michelle Tillis Lederman is known for her energetic, engaging, and authentic presentations. An expert on workplace communications and relationships, Michelle’s mission is to help people communicate and lead with confidence, clarity, and connection. She is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of three books including The 11 Laws of Likability, Heroes Get Hired and Nail The Interview – Land The Job, and named by Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch. After a decade in finance, Michelle was frustrated by the lack of effective communication and support within organizations especially as she became a people manager. She founded Executive Essentials, a training company that provides communications and leadership programs, as well as executive coaching services, to enable others to succeed professionally where she struggled. A former NYU professor, financial executive, and recovering CPA, Michelle teaches from experience and shares what she learned during her extensive career. Michelle’s clients range from academia to non-profit to Fortune 500 companies including; Madison Square Garden, Citi, J&J, Deutsche Bank, GE, Columbia Business School, Target, Sony, and The Museum of Modern Art. Michelle has appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, and hundreds of radio shows across the country including; Gayle King, NPR, and Martha Stewart Living. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Star Ledger, Working Mother, Real Simple, US News & World Report, on MSNBC, and Monster.com among others. Her book, articles, quizzes and videos have been featured on USA Today, AOL, Forbes, CNBC, and About.com. Michelle received her BS from Lehigh University, her MBA from Columbia Business School, and her coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching. She lives in South Orange, NJ with her husband, two sons, and two rescued dogs. Speaking... Michelle is most frequently described as an energetic, fun, and engaging speaker. Approachable and easy to understand, she takes complex concepts and makes them simple and accessible to all audiences. Her breakout sessions are highly interactive and leave audiences empowered to implement new skills back on the job. Whether a keynote or breakout, Michelle can customize sessions to fit your audience. Any keynote topic can be converted into an experiential breakout session. Her keynote topics include: - The Relationship Driven Leader: Because People Do Business With People They Like Recognizing how your people are motivated, influence, and impacted by management is key in ensuring retention, productivity and engagement. This talk discusses what a relationship driven leader is, how it impacts the bottom line, and how to make small shifts to increase your relatedness with you team. - Relationship Networking: Personal Connection For Professional Results Understanding how to move from conversation to connection and taking the work out of networking is the focus of this conversational talk. - You The Brand: Determine and Drive How Others See You This talk enables every individual to think about their personal presence and brand. I get people up on their feet and give them homework to help them develop clarity on how they want to be known. - Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead What do you need to get ahead? In this day and age, we live in a network economy – it’s all about who you know, who knows you, and what they know about you. In this talk I explain the types of relationships you want and need, how to create positive mood memory, and how to ask for what you want. - Boost Your Likability, Boost Your Business This talk can be customized! Past clients have customized the talk to be "Boost Your Likability, Boost Your Career," "Boost Your Likability, Boost Your Negotiation" and "Boost Your Likability, Boost Your Influence." Research studies consistently reveal that people prefer to do business with, hire, buy and work with people they like. Yet the desire to be liked is often minimized and even mocked in its importance in business. Learn how authenticity in our interactions, adopting a giving approach and finding common ground are the foundation for boosting your likability. - Nail The Interview, Land The Job


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10 Reviews
Hilary G. Brand Developer | Producer
unmatched energy and expertise

Michelle brings unmatched energy and expertise to her work. She is an inspired speaker with invaluable insight that translates into practical, actionable steps. Thanks, Michelle.

December 2017

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Joe Dolan President Irish Hotels Federation
Her bubbly and most pleasing disposition made it so easy to work with her!

We were fortunate and privileged to have Michelle Tillis address our annual conference of the Irish Hotels Federation in Kilkenny, Ireland in February of this year. The content and style of her presentation was most appropriate and ability to connect with her audience really drove home her messaging. Her bubbly and most pleasing disposition made it so easy to work with her!

December 2017

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Laura Eppler Chief Marketing Officer at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern PA
Practical and beneficial approaches to communicating better.

Michelle presents clearly, engagingly, and humorously, providing the audience with practical and beneficial approaches to communicating better.

December 2017

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