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Marketing is Broken.

Kevin is a digital strategist, keynote speaker, consultant and author of Mastering Digital Strategy; an elite, certified training program where he teaches businesses and marketers how to properly deploy customer-centric marketing in today’s sociologically changed, digital-first world. (Mastering Digital Strategy has been selected by the Direct Marketing Association of Canada to serve as their flagship digital marketing certification training program) KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Kevin talks on the Digital Transformation and the new brand paradigm... 6 pivotal outcomes: 1. A clear understanding of how consumer engagement has changed forever because of digital 2. Harness the strategic imperatives for successful brand positioning and relevancy 3. Turn strategies into programs (not tactics) that drive awareness, engagement and conversion 4. Understand digital-first engagement motives and learn how to isolate them for brand relationships 5. Frame in the power of content in context of the awareness - willingness consumer patterns 6. Embrace analytic 3.0 thinking for optimizing brand value and shaping a purpose-driven brand. KEVIN'S TRAINING PROGRAM: Mastering Digital Strategy: Mastering Digital Strategy is 5 on-line, elite training courses that enables marketing professionals to become digital strategy leaders and C-level marketing experts. It gives you the power of: > Strategy: Learn how marketing in a digital world is radically different than marketing of the past, learn how to establish strategic brand frameworks for innovation, invigoration and meaningful brand differentiation > Programs: Learn how, through the selling of digital approaches, your programs should be set up, run and budgeted for ROI on all budget spend. > Customer relevancy: Learn how to segment and profile consumers through digital profiling methodologies, capture desired brand context and position your brand the right way > Content engagement: Learn how to map annualized brand messaging and stories for long-term brand love-and-loyalty relationships > Insights through Analytics: Learn how to itemize and implement proper measurement metrics for reporting, decision making and budget optimization > Mastering Digital Strategy is a certification program consisting of 5 course exams. It also includes 10 downloadable white-label templates for immediate application of learning into action. “This training will transform your brand team” Derek Lackey – Managing Partner, Newport Thomson and President, Direct Marketing Association of Canada SEE KEVIN'S WEBSITE USING THE LINK BELOW FOR FULL INFORMATION


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Mon-Fri 8:00 - 5:00pm EST


4 Reviews
Derek Lackey - President. Direct Marketing Association of Canada (DMAC)
This training will transform your team...

If your brand combines traditional and digital solutions, this training will transform your team.

January 2018

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David LaMarche - Managing Partner. Access Marketing Group
This was the first program that provided the insight...

I have been in the industry for a long time, this was the first program that provided the insight required to be more strategic. The program provides agencies and consultants the opportunities to meet with C suite executives.

January 2018

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Dan Dagg - President. HotHouse Marketing
Mastering Digital Training is helping us take control...

Our digital capabilities had evolved piecemeal and very tactically. Mastering Digital Training is helping us take control of digital at a more strategic level and leverage that strategic knowledge into a better value proposition for our agency.

January 2018

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