Jim Dobie | Keynote Speaker - Round the World Yacht Race Skipper

Through my career I have sailed around the world two times. This includes all the oceans including the mighty Southern Ocean, and North pacific where I was hit with hurricane strength winds. I have led teams of amateur yachtsmen and women through some of the worlds toughest conditions and have led them to achieve their dreams whilst facing incredible challenges. Helping ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I strongly believe that everybody has huge potential and my goal has always been to help people find theirs. I deliver keynote talks to businesses and organisation about team development, team leadership and how to overcome crisis. I also put together programs for companies and organisation who want team building, team development and leadership training. I also deliver one on one coaching for executives on the water. I am fortunate to have sailed with Sir Robin Knox Johnston (the first person to sail solo, non-stop around the world) who was my navigator in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race which I have skippered five times.


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