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I'm a big believer that the absence of certainty provides the very opportunity to create it. As a team coach, I work with busy teams who find it difficult to accomplish what they need to accomplish. Specifically... I help: • Executive teams • Business unit teams • Project teams • Newly formed teams • Teams with new members Who: • Seek greater alignment • Face communication challenges • Want to clarify direction • Are overwhelmed with tasks • Want to make more effective decisions To help them: • Better manage team dynamics • Find clarity in goals, roles, norms and communication • Align team norms, strategies, and objectives with their company’s objectives • Turn unproductive team meetings into meetings feed curiosity and empower action • Enhance team communication and decision making Specialties: Team alignment, team dynamics, team communication, team decision making. I leverage the specialized knowledge of high performance teams gleaned from my experience in the Navy SEAL Teams and management consulting to help teams clarify their purpose, reignite their passion, and disrupt complacency for the positive.


Richmond, Virginia 23219
United States

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Tricia Ryan
Focused, driven and compassionate ...

Focused, driven and compassionate are words that come to mind when I think about Jeff Boss, I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for a number of months in a co-operative coaching/consulting relationship. Above all, I am most impressed with Jeff’s insights and interpretation of chaos (unplanned change) in the workplace. His tools for supporting you to act on what you can adapt and change have enhanced my perspectives on workplace challenges and opportunities. And, Jeff’s determined support of serving others to serve at their highest potential is truly heartfelt. Jeff is an accomplished author, amazing coach and truly valued leader. Jeff comes with my highest recommendation as your mentor and coach.

November 2016

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Bob Stockman, Chairman & CEO, REVA Inc.
The wisdom of this special ops warrior is incredible.

The wisdom of this special ops warrior is incredible. Regardless of your profession, Jeff Boss captures his life lessons from the most elite military training and combat experiences to inform character development and action in our everyday lives.

November 2016

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Brent Hess, Senior Vice President, Johnson Financial Group
Milwaukee, WI
Jeff is a true professional

Jeff is a true professional and deeply cares about having a positive impact on his client base. As a former Navy SEAL Jeff has specialized knowledge that make him uniquely qualified to coach high performance behavior. In today’s uncertain economic climate, the ability to adapt and embrace change helps to maintain a competitive advantage – and adaptability is something that Jeff teaches quite well. Probably one of the most important attributes that Jeff brings to the table is the experience that he gained while serving our country. He overcame some extraordinarily difficult circumstances that make him well suited to coach high performance into all levels of an organization. Most importantly Jeff has the intrapersonal skills that you look for in a leader. They can’t be taught, and are something that come along once or twice in one’s career. Jeff is truly “one of a kind” and I highly recommend him to any organization looking to develop their decision makers into more impactful leaders.

November 2016

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