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“The Master of Entertainment, Comedy, Fun, and Learning” For the past 2 1/2 decades, Dr. Mike Thomson, or “Dr. Mike,” as he is known around the world, has been described as “The Master of Entertainment, Comedy, Fun, and Learning.” Dr. Mike has presented his unique brand of “Edutainment,” part education and a whole lot of entertainment in many venues across the world. He has spoken to or consulted with virtually every type of business, school, organization, or association. His talks have now been heard by over 2.5 million (and growing) people worldwide making him a highly sought after speaker. Dr. Mike’s trademarked Strategies For Saving Your Sanity,™ It’s All About Character™ and Training Your Brain For An Unlimited Success Mindset™ flagship presentations have been very popular with people of all ages. They have been the lifeblood of what Dr. Mike is all about. When you book Dr. Mike for your next event you will see for yourself – The interesting titles of his programs will quickly fill your seats up. Dr. Mike will seamlessly fit his title talks into any conference or program theme or topic you require – So here’s the bottom line – If you want a dull, dry, boring speaker, program or ancillary products – you need to get off this site right now. Dr. Mike detests those programs and he thinks you’ll agree. Dr. Mike has had the privilege of working with and sharing the stage with best selling authors, professional athletes, actors and actresses from across the country who have done incredible things in their life. Dr. Mike has been a guest on close to a thousand radio and tv shows, is a prolific author with over 20 books, and has created and produced countless DVD & Audio programs. Dr. Mike has spent the last 30 years helping people “Train Their Brain for an Unlimited Success Mindset” in business – in schools – at home – and in life. His students in the business world are entrepreneurs, executives at small, medium and large companies, supervisors, managers, salespeople, healthcare staff, government workers, religious leaders, authors, speakers, associations and the list goes on and on. He has spoken to, coached and consulted with businesses, healthcare, K-12 educators, & universities throughout the world. His students, coaching clients, and speaking clients are in just about any kind of market you can imagine and dealing with just about any type of product, service or situation that you can think of and they have all achieved Unlimited Success. Dr. Mike has been married for 37 years to his wonderful wife Carol. He has two kids, Christopher and Holly, who are now very successful adults with their own families and careers. Dr. Mike has worked in the role of employee, supervisor, administrator and even an owner of multiple businesses. He’s directed and supervised health care centers in Minnesota, (at the Mayo Clinic in the department of Psychology & Psychiatry), and directed drug alcohol treatment programs in Minnesota, Ohio & even the first ever American run drug alcohol treatment program in Europe located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Mike is also an Adjunct Associate professor at Ashland University & “The” Ohio State University (where he received his doctorate degree). He’s run a successful private practice and Unlimited Success coaching business for over 20 years. He was even a high school hockey coach for 7 years (you know – one of those old “Peter Pucker” types) when he lived in Minnesota years ago. **Just A Sample Of What You’ll Discover From Dr. Mike... ➤ 9 "Stinkin Thinkin" Beliefs That Get You & Others Sucked Into The "Negativity Dead Zone" — How To Eliminate These In An Instant
 ➤ 8 Strategies And Secrets Of The Most Successful People Ever — Discover Their Secrets For Yourself And Your Business ➤ 3 Themes You Better Know Before You Even Get Out Of Bed In The Morning — Why You And Anyone You Live Or Work With Must Learn These Immediately ➤ 6 Critical Questions Guaranteed to Save Your Sanity At Any Time — This Is Guaranteed To Change Everything ➤ 3 Simple Secrets You Must Know That Will Save Your Sanity Instantly — Learn How The Most Successful People Use These Everyday! 
 ➤ The 2-Minute Theory That Exposes The Difference Between A Rut & A Grave — How Successful People Reset Their Sanity "Thermostat" ➤ How The Most Successful People In The World Keep Themselves And The People They Live And Work With Positive, Motivated, Focused Forward And Constantly Reaching For Success — These Secrets Really Work! ➤ How To Step Back, Rethink And Reorganize Your Thinking Before You “Lose It” Or “Get Into It” With Anyone — If You Don’t Learn These Secrets, You’re Sunk & Your Workplace Is Sunk! ➤ Why Ethics Is Not For Wimps — Why Your Eulogy Will Never Lie — How Passing The Pop Quizzes Of Ethics Will Determine Your Future Success — Why It’s So Important To Make Good Choices “Even” When Nobody's Watching ➤ How To Instill Great Leadership & Character Into Your Own Life Right Now — These Techniques Really Work To Draw Others Around You Into That Same Passion & Purpose! Dr. Mike wants to give you, your workplace, business and/or conference attendees a street-smart series of solutions guaranteed to help everyone Rethink, Retool, Reorganize and Reinvent their thinking and their life for nothing but an Intentional Success Mindset and prosperity! Whether it’s a highly interactive and energizing keynote – Or a content-rich, note-taking half or full day seminar, Dr. Mike holds nothing back. He gives you every ounce of energy he has.


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5 Reviews
Sheriff Bryan Backus
Harrisville WV

I have had the pleasure to listen, work with and employ with my own staff, Dr.Mike. I have been drawn to Dr. Mike from the 1st time I heard him speak at one of our county school functions over 10 years ago and his energy, his comedy, and his heart is unparalleled by any other national speaker I've met. Hence the reason I selected him to come back and help make an impact on the lives of people I care about and work with, within my own office as sheriff. Dr. Mike is down to earth and very approachable from all levels, children and adults alike. He is a must have speaker in any venue.

December 2016

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Dr. Michael O'Shea
Holland, Ohio

I have run out of superlatives trying to describe the impact Dr. Mike has had on our district over the past 15 years. His nationally acclaimed "It's All About Character" program provided the foundation upon which we have successfully built a comprehensive K-12 character education program. He has presented to numerous groups within our district sharing his "Strategies for Saving Your Sanity" which has proved invaluable in building morale and improving productivity. Our teachers and classified staff have benefited from his program "Training Your Brain for an Unlimited Success Mindset." With his unique blend of humor, common sense, and practical approach to life's seemingly complex problems, Dr. Mike has help this district overcome obstacles and improve delivery of services to our stakeholders. Currently we are utilizing Dr.Mike's "Best Year Ever" program which provides daily tips on best practices and proven strategies to address a myriad of difficult issues facing all organizations in an ever-changing and competitive environment Simply put--Dr. Mike is our "go to guy" for professional development.

December 2016

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Jan Koeniger
Anderson, IN
Dr. Mike is Wondersul

Dr. Mike has a program that is awesome. We have been doing it since August and are seeing great results. We did a parent night for Dr. Mike to talk to parents on helping their child with responsibility and owning up with making poor choices. Every school and student can benefit from Dr. Mike's program.

December 2016

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