Frequent Asked Questions

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How does the "Sign me in automatically" work?
The "Sign me in automatically" is optional, it saves your username and password on your computer and every time you access the page you will be automatically logged in.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, please click on the 'Forgot your Password? at the sign in area. The password recovery email will be sent to the email address provided from your Contact Information. The email will contain a link which will redirect the user to the 'Manage Account' section, where the password can be updated.
How can I change my password?
After you are logged in, click on 'Account Settings' link, you will see the "Current Password" field, type your current password in this field and your new password on the fields "Password" and "Retype Password", then hit the submit button.
Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?
If you attempt to access your account and type in an incorrect password 5 times the account will lock for 1 hour. This is for security reasons.
How can I start pitching at Piitchr?
Go to 'Start Pitching Today' on our website and select the PITCH OPTION that is the best for you. You can start pitching completely free or go PREMIUM for a low yearly rate.
How do I 'Review' an expert at Piitchr?
If you already have a free visitor account you can sign in, then find the pitch of the expert you want to review and click on 'Review'. If you do not already have a free visitor account simply find the pitch of the expert you want to review and click on 'Review'. You'll be asked to sign in or create an account, select 'create an account'. All reviews are approved by our team before going 'live' online.
Is Piitchr 100% free for me to use, search and connect with experts I want to hire?
Yes, 100% free. If you are a client connecting with experts at Piitchr our platform is 100% free for you to use and even have an account so you can review the experts you hire. When you hire experts from Piitchr you will pay them directly as Piitchr does not take any commissions and plays no part in any financial transactions between clients and experts.
Why don't you offer phone support?
We are committed to always offering FREE options to experts who pitch with us and keeping Piitchr 100% free for the clients who use us. Not offering expensive phone support plays a big role in helping us achieve this goal. We DO offer all the email support anyone would need. Our email support is very efficient so email us and let us know how we can help you.
What if I don't see my question?
Our platform is so simple and user friendly to use we don't get many questions that are beyond the ones we've chosen to list here. So if you have a question that is not in our FAQ section we would love to hear it and then answer it for you. Please submit your question to our team by clicking on the 'Connect with us' link from our home screen. Our team we get back to you ASAP.
As a meeting planner, organization or client how do I find the experts we need at Piitchr?
Firstly just make a search. Go to our home screen and type in a keyword that relates to the expert you're searching for like 'Leadership' for example. Your prospective experts will appear and you can start watching and contacting. If you are not able to find the expert you're searching for by using our search engine click on 'Piitchr Search Team' on our top menu. Our specialist search team will help you find the perfect expert for your needs at no cost, it's FREE.
Why use
Piitchr gets you directly to the experts you need for events, meetings, trainings, certifications, coaching and more. Searching for the right experts on search engines like Google or other sites can be frustrating and time consuming - using is a breeze.
I am not an expert or company who wants to pitch at Piitchr, can I create an account to search, bookmark and review at Piitchr?
Yes. To sign up as a visitor / user make a search and open a pitch, then on the right click on 'Bookmark', next click on 'Create an Account'.
Am I required to have an account to add my Pitch?
Yes. In order to add your Pitch you must have an account so sign-up today.
Can I add more categories to my Pitch?
Yes, sign in and you can do this in your Dashboard.
Can I change my Pitch level?
Yes, you can. Sign in to your dashboard and click on 'Add a Pitch'.
If I upload a pitch can I cancel at anytime?
If you choose our free Standard pitch level there is no cost and you can have your pitch deleted from our system at anytime. If you select to register for our Premium pitch level you can cancel your service anytime after 6 months.
If I pitch at Piitchr do I pay any commissions on the business/clients I win or are there any hidden costs I need to know about?
No, there is no commission due on the business you win and there are no hidden costs, ever. You can pitch completely free on our Standard level pitch or on our Premium level pitch all you pay is the low yearly rate - that's it.
If I upload my pitch will I get seen by clients locally, nationally and internationally?
Yes. Our marketing is covers local, national and international regions generating client referrals in all 3 categories.
Can I add video to my Pitch?
Yes. If you have a Premium level pitch you can add video to enhance your pitch to clients.
Can I add my FaceBook feed to my Pitch?
Yes. To add your FaceBook page to your Piitchr page you'll need to create a 'Fan Page' at facebook. This is very quick and easy to do. Here are the steps: 1. Sign in to your FaceBook account/page. 2. Click on the 'down arrow' symbol at the top right of your Facebook page. 3. Select 'Create Page'. 4. Select 'Artist, Band or Public Figure'. 5. Under 'choose a category' select the appropriate option and then enter your name. 6. Now click on 'Get Started'. 7. To build and complete your Fan Page follow the on screen steps. 8. Once you've created your FaceBook Fan Page simply add your Fan Page URL/page link to your Piitchr profile.