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We're a next generation platform connecting leading experts & clients - we're also the official supplier of Speakers to EventTechHub clients globally

EventTechHub partner clients include:  Google, IBM, FedEx, BestBuy, Caterpillar, CVS, Applebee's. 

In the crowded, ‘noisy' marketplace of personal, professional and organizational development, Piitchr offers a clear solution for clients hiring experts including Professional Speakers, Coaches, Training Providers and Consultants.  Our unique, streamlined social media platform simplifies and advances the process of connection and booking, between the expert who is needed and the clients who are ready to hire.  

Piitchr: The clue is in our name...experts post their PITCH for clients to see on Piitchr.  We recognize the demands of the modern market and the new generation of fast moving, demanding organizations, event / meeting professionals and clients who prefer to use digital solutions to make their jobs easier.  In response to these demands, our no-fuss, high-quality digital platform allows potential clients to instantly see and hear exactly what the experts have to offer and connect in one easy click.  Delivering a friendly, modern and personal touch, while preventing unnecessary wasted time and effort on both sides.

We also recognize the need for affordability, which is why Piitchr offers a service that is a 100% free for experts and clients, with one upgrade option (Premium Pitch) for experts who want to upload a more comprehensive PITCH for clients to see.  Our support staff are US based and are specifically trained to assist clients and experts to get the most from our platform. 

Simple, high-quality digital platforms exist in every other industry, however, not so much in personal, professional and organizational development - Piitchr is here to make the change!

EventTechHub partners have locations and team members in USA (including AZ, CO, MI, MD, TX) and Europe (including Belgium, Poland, France).  EventTechHub’s daily operations are managed by EventTechHub Division - Event Interface, LLC, located in Broomfield, Colorado.

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